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  • The company was founded in the year 1900 in Zurich by Mr. Huggenberger.

  • In 1923 the company was commissioned for the first time to provide the instruments for the Schräh dam in Switzerland.

  • In 1972 the private company HUGGENBERGER was converted into a joint stock company.
    The shares were owned by the Management.

  • In the meantime more than 450 different engineering structures have been equipped with safety instruments from HUGGENBERGER AG.

  • From begin 2018 Huggenberger AG, Switzerland is part of the Sisgeo Group, Italy. The succession for the future of Huggenberger AG with its experienced team Mr. Daniel Naterop as CEO, Mr. Urs Marti as technical director, and Mrs. Edith Meier as accounting manager is organized and settled.




"Schräh" dam, Switzerland
"Schräh" dam, Switzerland, finished in 1924. With a hight of 111.6 m it was for a short time the highest gravity dam as well as the highest dam of the world, until it was overtaken in 1929 by the Diablo dam.

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