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Applications and practical examples

Katse Dam, Lesotho:
Refurbishment of Pendulum Measurement Systems

In the year 2017 Huggenberger was awarded to supply new VDD3V4 type telependulum measuring systems in replacement the old equipment. Three of these units have been installed on inverted pendulums and seven units on direct pendulums. All devices for monitoring the direct and inverted pendulums are to measure also vertical displacements relative to the pendulum fixing point …

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Katse Dam, Lesotho: Refurbishment of pendulum measurement systems

K2B Horlaui, Weggis/Switzerland: 

Measuring system for geotechnical monitoring of the rock face

Huggenberger AG was commissioned in June 2018 to supplement an existing measuring system for geotechnical monitoring of the Horlaui rock face (Weggis, Switzerland) with new measuring points, data loggers and remote data transmission. In the following months, after commissioning of this measuring system, the rock face will be renovated in order to improve its stability and minimize the risk of damage. On the one hand, depending on the results of the monitoring measurements and the geological geotechnical assessment, the rock areas are to be further observed, anchored or mined if necessary.

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Horlaui rock face, Weggis/Switzerland, equipped with TTP50 telejointmeters and WRLog nodes for wireless remote monitoring

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