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Huggenberger – instrumentation, data acquisition and monitoring  systems

The product range comprises mechanical and electronic sensors as well as measuring instruments for use in safety-related monitoring and inspection of civil engineering works. Through specific and ongoing development of our own products, combined with the purchase of highly-developed components, we guarantee continued extensions and updates of the range of measuring systems. In line with our commitment to “Tradition & Innovation”, HUGGENBERGER AG always provides top quality measuring solutions, based on advanced technologies and optimally tailored to local conditions for applications such as 


  • Dams
  • Power Plants
  • Anchoring
  • Rockslides, Landslides
  • Tunnels, Highways and Bridges
  • General Civil Engineering Works


In doing so, Swiss precision, reliability and quality standards are a matter of course: Since June 2000, the entire company is certified according to ISO 9001.

World market leader for pendulum measuring systems

The inclination and the horizontal displacement of underground and building constructions, as well as of production plants, is of decisive importance for the evaluation of their behaviour and stability. A pendulum installation can act as reference axis, from which the displacements observed at different levels add up to the deflection line.


With its tried and tested, innovative, fully automated pendulum measuring systems – designed either as a direct pendulum and/or an inverted pendulum as well as on the continuous, contactless pendulum wire movement measurement, including the instrumentation & control system –, HUGGENBERGER AG offers a highly precise and reliable solution, which established the reputation of HUGGENBERGER AG as the world market leader for pendulum measuring systems.

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Combined use of direct and inverted pendulum, both automatically monitored by Telelot VDD and data recording via Tensologger TL
HUGGENBERGER – world market leader for pendulum measuring systems

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