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Jointmeter JM

Manual device for monitoring joint movements » more

Setdeflectometer ERDM/RDM

Mechanical gauges with digital or analog reading » more

Telejointmeter TJM

Electrical device for monitoring joint movements » more

Rockmeter RM/RMT

Single or multiple-rod rockmeters for measuring axial displacements » more

Teletensometer TTP

Linear displacement transducer with 50 or 300 mm measuring range to measure movements of joints, cracks and rocks » more

Measuring device for length changes ZGL

Measuring of relative changes in length in vertical or horizontal direction over distances of up to 60 m » mehr

Deformeter EDU

Precision strain meter with 250 or 500 mm measuring base » more

Tensotast TAS

Precision strain meter with 20 up to 200 mm measuring base » more

Deflektometer EU200

Portable electronic measuring instrument for the detection of linear movements » more

Water level gauge KLL

Water level measuring in wells » mehr

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