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HUGGENBERGER AG is, within the Sisgeo-Group, a small, independent Swiss company specialised in the development and production of high-precision, physical measuring systems. Founded in 1900 by the namesake, the company was able to establish itself as a specialist for the instrumentation of dams with the instrumentation of the Schräh dam (Wägi Valley, Switzerland – at 111.6 m the world’s highest hydro dam at that time). Since then, over 450 civil engineering works, mainly concrete dams, were equipped with HUGGENBERGER measuring instruments. 

We HUGGENBERGER AG, well established with a long year experience in dam and geotechnical monitoring, provide to you, as our client, a  highly valuable partnership to work out monitoring concepts, plan and establish installation of the systems and support for successfull long term operation. 

HUGGENBERGER AG has a long tradition in manufacturing high quality load cells, mainly for monitoring of ground anchors. 

In the field of gravity induced natural hazards, we provide high quality sensors and latest technology data aquisition and data management systems. 



  • The company was founded in the year 1900 in Zurich by Mr. Huggenberger.

  • In 1923 the company was commissioned for the first time to provide the instruments for the Schräh dam in Switzerland.

  • The shares were owned by the Management.

  • In the meantime more than 450 different engineering structures have been equipped with safety instruments from Huggenberger AG.

  • From begin 2018 Huggenberger AG is a part of Sisgeo Group, with the mission to continue the development and production of high-quality instruments for dams and engineering structures.



Since June 2000, the entire company is certified according to ISO 9001.