SARDAR SAROVAR DAM, Kevadia colony, District Narmada - Gujarat, India

Inspection and rehabilitation of Huggenberger instrumentation installed in 1990.

The purpose of the activity was to verify the status and the possibility of reusing or integrating the existing instrumentation.

N13 San Bernardino tunnel

Renewal of operating and safety equipment (BSA) and civil engineering measures (BAU).

Installation of a pressure monitoring system close to the tunnel lining, inside the services compartment. Analogue and digital instrumentation with battery-powered wireless acquisition system.

Zermatt Alpine X project

Rock face supervision for new cable car station at 3820 m a.s.l., challenging excavation work on the summit of the Klein Matterhorn (Zermatt, Switzerland).

Bern Wylerfeld, cut and cover tunnel, monitoring of struts, Switzerland

Bern Wylerfeld.jpg

2020, Supply and first installation of vibrating wire welable starin gages, automatic data acquisition with radio-data network, type Sisgeo WELog, operation of Huggenberger-Monitor project web-platform, client Marti Spezialtiefbau AG

Isla Bell Tunnel, Switzerland

Isla Bell Tunnel.JPG

2019-2020, Waterpressure measurement in radial drilled boreholes for investigating geohydraulic condition for construction of future escape tunnel, client ASTRA.

Daivoes Dam (Ofiteco), Portugal


2020, Daivoes Dam (Ofiteco), Portugal

Supply of 2 Coordiscope and 13 setplates for dam body monitoring.

NDA Project (Ton Yuan TECH), Taiwan


2020, NDA Project (Ton Yuan Tech), Taiwan:

Supply of 3 Telelot with related accessories for structural health monitoring.

Nuclear Power Plant Leningrad II (Monsol Rus LLC), Russia


2019, Client Monsol Rus LLC, Russia: Supply of 12 pc Telelot typ VDD3V4 (X-, Y- und Z-direction measurement) for structural health monitoring.

Isola Dam (Officine Idroelettriche di Mesolcina SA), Switzerland


2019, Client Officine Idroelettriche di Mesolcina SA, Switzerland: Installation and automatization of new sensors in the dam body.

9 new Telejointmeter placed in the dam crest and integrated to the current data acquisition system. A new Telelot installed in one of the galleries and connected to the main logger station. 

Barrage d'Emosson (Electricité d'Emosson SA), Switzerland


2019, Client Electricité d'Emosson SA, Switzerland: Automatic measuring of pendulums.

Installation of 3 new Telelot VDD2V4 for automatic readings on some of the existing pendulums (2 inverted pendulums and 1 direct pendulum system). During the system set-up, the values measured with the Telelot were checked with manual readings using the Coordiscope KK84.

Digue de Godey (ESR Énergies Sion Région), Switzerland


2019, Client ESR Énergies Sion Région, Switzerland: Control of settlement measuring system and surface extensometers.

Huggenberger was contracted to control the old instruments installed about 45 years ago. The instruments are used for settlement monitoring in the earth-fill-dam and to measure possible deformations of the upstream membrane.

Gravity Dam Zervreila (KW Zervreila AG), Switzerland


2019, Client KW Zervreila AG, Switzerland: Rehabilitation and extension of uplift measuring system, of seepage measuring system and of joint displacement measuring system.

Supply and installation of 3D-Telejontmeter, seepage measuring equipment (Radar and vibrating wire type), borehole pressure transducer and piezometer standpipes. Data acquisition with wireless data-network.

Ovella Rock Cliff, Switzerland-Austria


2019, Client Tiwag, Switzerland-Austria: Rock cliff monitoring with Telejointmeters, WRlog wireless data acquisition system and web-datamanagement with Huggenberger-Monitor.

Bavigne dam, Luxembourg


2018, Client Sixense, Luxembourg: Bavigne dam Luxembourg.

Supply and Installation of  telelot and coordiscope, temperature sensors, waterlevel measuring devices (staff gauges and pressure transducers)​.

Gelmer concrete dam Oberhasli AG, Switzerland


2018, Client Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG, Switzerland: Gelmer concrete dam.

Supply and installation of Telejointmeters, flowmeter for seapage monitoring, Telelot measuring system,  Tensologger-data aquisition system.

Weggis Spare, Monitoring rockfall area, Switzerland 


2018, Client Kanton Luzern, Switzerland: Weggis Spare, Monitoring rockfall area.

Supply and Installation of Telejointmeters, wireless data aquisitio monitoring system, web-datamanagement with Huggenberger-Monitor.