New staff announcement

HUGGENBERGER AG is proud to announce that on 1st June 2020 has started the cooperation with Dr. Massimo Facchini.

Massimo is an experienced engineer with a PhD from the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne - Switzerland). Throughout his career he developed and patented measurement techniques for the monitoring of components, materials and structures. He worked at the JRC (Joint Research Centre of the European Commission), then at the Metrology Laboratory and at the laboratory of Applied Mechanics and Reliability Analysis at the EPFL.

He participated in the realization of the Synchrotron Radiation Detector for the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). He has an extensive experience in the industry as quality manager for semiconductor manufacturing and led for several years the activities of the technical department of the Fiber Optic Systems Unit of the Brugg Cables AG (Switzerland).

He collaborates with companies like fibrisTerre Systems, promoting fiber optic interrogators for geotechnical and structural health monitoring applications. Massimo is the owner and founder of Iridis Solutions GmbH, a technology provider of fiber optic sensing solutions and geotechnical instrumentation.

Massimo lives in Zurich since many years and speaks fluently German, English, French and Italian.

He will support HUGGENBERGER as business development and project manager mainly in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Thanks to his advanced technical skills, he will also be involved in the group’s research and development activities.

HUGGENBERGER AG appears in the press

The December issue of the International Water Power & Dam Construction journal came out! At HUGGENBERGER AG, we are proud to contribute to this magazine with a 2 pages article which gives a general overview of the company. You will find this interesting article in pages 24-25 here:


New collaboration announcement

HUGGENBERGER AG is glad to announce the last cooperation agreement with the company GeoTriangle Consulting Engineers Inc., established in Canada, in order to act as representative of Huggenberger AG. We are confident that this new partnership will be soon fruitful and new projects will come in the near future.

New staff announcement

New staff announcement

Huggenberger AG is proud to announce that Mr. Andrea Ballarin has started with us as a Operations Manager. Andrea has a comprehensive experience in monitoring domain, thanks to his previous experience in FIELD SLR of SIGEO Group. Speaking fluently English, French and Italian, Andrea will be mainly focused on the coordination of the production activity with the project management needs and Monitoring Software Application.

Huggenberger AG is attending ICOLD 2019

We are proud to announce that HUGGENBERGER AG will be attending the upcoming ICOLD 2019 (2-4 October 2019) exhibition in Crete, Greece.


You will find us at booth # 21-22, sharing space with SISGEO SRL and Eurotech SA!


We will be pleased to show you our products and services focused on dams and geotechnical monitoring fields.


More info at:

Installation works in a rockfall area. Weggis (Switzerland)

On July 8th, Huggenberger AG performed the installation works of some Telejointmeter TTP50 in Weggis. The data acquisition is made using Loadsensing Nodes and the result has been very successful.


Training at Huggenberger Headquarters

On June 6th, our colleague Franco Cagner, from our partner company Field Srl, came to our facilities for a training day on data acquisition units. Franco has a lot of experience and knowledge about automatic geomonitoring systems in dams.


Thanks Franco for your visit and hope to have you soon involved in our monitoring projects!


New Distributorship in Balkan Region

Huggenberger AG is glad to inform that a new Distributorship Agreement has been signed with the Company LANS wGh d.o.o. based in Belgrade. The Agreement covers Balkan Region on exclusive base.

LANS wGh d.o.o. is an important player in the field of hydrometrology and dam monitoring, with large experience in several important projects.


Huggenberger AG is confident that the new cooperation will lead to interesting challenges in the near future and wish a good job to LANS team.


Training at Huggenberger Headquarters

On 17th of April, a delegation of FIELD Srl, Service Company part of SISGEO Group, has visited HUGGENBERGER facilities and received an extensive training on Coordinoscope and Telelot.

FIELD staff has been involved in large number of dam project worldwide, thus it was an excellent opportunity for the teams  to exchange experiences and technical impression.

Huggenberger application note, February 2019

Huggenberger-Monitor: Data management for monitoring projects on the Internet



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