Clinometer ECS1000VBL


Portable electronic instrument of high precision for measuring of inclination and changing in inclination of structures.The placing of the measuring bolts is vertical. For both measuring directions only one pair of set bolts is needed.


The sensor is based on the pendulum characteristics of a mass disk, of which the movement is measured capacitively. This sensor is mounted on a carbon fibre bar of 1000 mm length which acts indifferent to temperature. The measuring points are spherical set bolts embedded in mortar. This setting device ensures a reliable reproduceability.


The measuring place is equipped with the following types of set bolts:

  • Upper set bolt EIVER, 0°/180°/90°
  • Lower set bolt GEVIR, adjustable

For all set bolts protective caps in stainless steel are optionally available.
For a professional mounting of the set bolts the use of the template ECSVSL is recommended.