Deflectometer EU200


The deflectometer EU200 is used to measure linear displacements also under rough conditions, for example the elongation of anchors during tensioning.


The instrument consists out of a digital rotary sensor (with measuring wheel) which is connected by a cable to the digital display. A special measuring wire is passing the measuring wheel. One end of this wire is fixed to the measuring place by a magnet and the wire is tensioned by a counter weight on the other end.

The digital display which is built in a splash proof housing can be set to zero by a button at any position. Deflectometer EU200A completely with accessories.


  • Steel weight RS, 200 g, stainless
  • Magnet M
  • Magnet support MS
  • Steel wire SD02, ø 0.2 mm, stainless
  • Hard cover case EU200K