Coordiscope KK84


Portable optical precision instrument to measure the horizontal movement of a pendulum wire in relation to the set plate in 2 axes, compatible with HUGGENBERGER systems since 1966.

With the coordiscope the movements of the pendulum wire are directly measured either in the coordinate system or in the radial / tangential system depending on the orientation of the set plate.

The size of the pendulum wire movement is the difference between the zero-measurement and a following measurement.


The Coordiscope KK84N is a pure mechanical instrument. Reading is effected via scale and nonius.

The Coordiscope KK84D is of exactly the same design except for the electronic capacitive measuring system from which a digital display is generated.

In standard execution the search optics are designed that both measuring directions can be targeted from the same side, i.e. no excavation work is required in the measuring niche. The instrument can optionally be equipped with a removable wire illumination in both axes as well as target candle receivers for the geodetic connection of the pendulum wire.