Webinar on: Rock Cliff Monitoring using Remote IoT technology

Huggenberger will be joining Worldsensing to the webinar: Rock Cliff Monitoring using Remote IoT technology.

The event featured a top-notch speaker lineup, including Daniel Naterop, Civil Engineer and Project Manager at Huggenberger and Sales Engineer at Sisgeo; Angela Lluch Gracia, Worldsensing Application Engineer; and Arnau Carbonell, Worldsensing Sales Area Manager for Europe.

Besides drawing a crowd, the topic saw attendees raising plenty of questions around how remote Internet of Things (IoT) technology can be used for rock cliff monitoring. For those of you who attended the session—or are interested in listening again and finding out more—this blog covers the answers to the queries that came up during the event.


You can read the transcript or listen to the webinar recording here: https://railway-news.com/rock-cliff-monitoring-using-remote-iot-technology/

Remote monitoring allows for regular, real-time data while minimising the hazards of data collection and maintenance
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